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Sunday, December 21, 2008


So, the last few days have been sort of crazy. The kids are getting hyped up with christmas comming... Here are a few highlights.

Jammie Day at school. This was friday. Kenzie wore her Monkey/Soccer Jammies to school. They watched Polar Express and had cocoa. She had so much fun!

A day with Yaya and Pappy was Saturday because I had to work as did Ryan. They went to see santa. I have a pic, but I will have to scan it to the computer to put it on here. (too much work at the moment). Kenzie went right to him and apparently was so happy to meet him. Pappy sat Maddie on his other knee, (the picture people should have snapped the picture then but didn't) Maddie had the chance to look at Santa and FREAKED OUT! So, only Kenzie got a picture with him, but she said she told him she wants a scooter, books, and clothes and that Maddie wants books and clothes (MADDIE DOES NOT NEED CLOTHES!) I thought it was cute that Kenzie wanted to tell him what her sister who was freaking out wanted.

Baking cookies with Mommy and Yaya (I mean watching Mommy burn her hand getting cookies out of the oven). And yes, I was using a pot holder at the time! We baked gingerbread snowmen, sugar cookies, and cherry chocolate chip cookies. I was not real thrilled with the cherry choco chip ones because they didn't hold together when we were removing them from the baking sheet. No matter what we did to try and make them hold together, they didn't.

So, now I am home seeing all of my blog buddies (except Sulayne and Maria) have blogged and I haven't, so I am having blogger guilt! LOL. We are going to be hanging out a little longer then off to bed with us.

Sickness update: The girls are doing much better thanks to the vaporizer. Ryan is healed. I am still coughing quite a bit and my voice wants to fade in and out but I attribute that to I have to talk a lot on the phones at work being a receptionist, so it doesn't allow adequate time for the larnyx to heal, therefore the laryngitis wants to linger, but I know it won't be much longer before I am completely healed.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

P.S. I am baking a cake on Wednesday and frosting it on Thursday (Providing I have enough energy) for Jesus' birthday. It was Kenzie's idea and I love that tradition of celebrating his birthday!

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