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Friday, December 5, 2008

right ear infection, left ear infection, bronchitis (i think)

we went to the doctor today. maddie is only 26 pounds still! kenzie is healthy except for her left ear is infected. maddie has a right ear infection. both girls are having some upper respritory infection going on. i wasn't given a diagnosis, but put on the medication that is typical for bronchitis. the doc wasn't very happy with my lung sounds being that i have asthma, so he gave me another inhaler and an antibiotic! Not such a happy house when we are sick. on a lighter note,

AMANDA IS MY KIDS BEST FRIEND! she sent more clothes for the girls. they had a blast looking through some of them today. maddie especially loved the boots she foun d in the crate. hats off to aunt amanda once again! thanks a billion.

hopefully we will be feeling better in a day or two.


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