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Monday, December 8, 2008

"I will do my homework later"

so the fighting has begun. she wants to play and not do her homework, but hey that is typical for children isn't it? she wanted to watch a recorded grays anatamy instead of doing her words of the week. they happen to be:

i do think that she is doing fairly well, although sometimes it is hard to read her writing and that is something that we will have to continue working on as is her speech.

the kids can't wait for santa to come, but me myself, i could take it or leave it this year. i am still sick and don't feel the holiday spirit this year like i did last year. too bad...

megan and maria seem to be doing well with their pregnancies. I pray for tibblet number 2 and lincoln daily.

to all of my readers who are sick, i hope you get feeling better namely: ryan, kenzie, maddie, amanda, roy and myself!

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  1. Thanks for praying for me, Chris, and Lincoln! We will take all the prayers we can get :)