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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

kenzie is

doing great. she keeps comming home with these check star papers! the check star papers mean that she got it perfect! a check plus means minor errors. so all in all she is doing great. she doesn't complain with her ear and takes her "yummy" medicine fine, it is the "yucky" medicine (that ya ya made me take) that she hates. the yucky is the cough medicine. maddie is fussy tonight, but other than that she is doing ok. she missed her nap today. ryan is doing very well. he was the lucky one and only ended up with a cold. we three girls though got it bad. i am resting my vocal box as much as i can, but sometimes you just have to talk you know. things are picking up at work so i think they will be putting me on to work on tuesdays 12am to 830 as a cna in addition to my work as a receptionist up front. that will be really good and then as soon as they approve over time for us, i will take advantage of that too. more later fussy baby

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