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Thursday, May 7, 2009

been a week that's for sure

monday i started by calling the school and leaving a message for the teacher to call me...
i got a call on tuesday afternoon as i walked kenzie and zoey home with me and maddie. i learned that the teacher may not have answers for me on friday (at the conference). she is finally having kenzie observed to decide if she can handle first grade work (this is something that a lot of us have thought should have been done earlier in the year). I also learned that even though I am an approved volunteer, I have to go through the volunteer coordinator to find out where I can volunteer (somethign that i found wierd). Wednesday, I called the volunteer coordinator to find out that as long as the teacher knows i am comming, I can go to the office, get my name tag, and then go on up to her classroom. Ok, so I got one thing straightened out. Now I just have to make the teacher aware that I will be at the school every other wednesday and every other friday. So, I will be in Kenzie's class volunteering weekly, from now on. It is late in the year, but I plan on being there every year from now on volunteering at the school.

madison has had a really bad girl day. we won't go into that. work hasn't been kind to me either.

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  1. I wish you the best Sis. I know you try so hard to be ontop of things. Take a deep breath and a long shower for you alone to relax in. Sing in the shower!!!! If your off key all the better.

    PURGE your stress Hun!!!