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Monday, May 11, 2009

checking things off the to do list

i feel like today i was able to get quite a bit accomplished. i have:

gone through most of the unopened e mails in my inbox. (i have been neglecting my e mails lately and this is not a good thing but like the fly lady says, this clutter is easily taken care of by simply hitting the delete key)

i went to work and was sent home since i am working this weekend and it looks like i may have a double on saturday and single on sunday... yay i will end up with over time if it all works out for me the way i am hoping it will... always depends on if renee catches what my plan is before or after the shifts start lol. she unfortunately caught today and sent me packing. ryan didn't make it back to work to pick me up, so i had an hour walk to the house, which wasn't bad at 7 in the morning, and i got my exercising done for the day... so that was another thing off of the daily list.

i tended to a sick maddie all day. she isn't feeling much better, she is really suffed up so she is getting mucinex to help with the congestion and when she has her meds she does better. i just feel so bad for the babe.

i finished painting the hallway and the girls bathroom.. it is looking really good. wednesday i will be finishing the living room and kitchen. that will conclude the painting that has to be done before maddie's party.

i went through the party tote and was able to start putting together the goody bags. i just need to pick up a few more things for those and that will be done.

i made a list of things yet to get for the party.

looked up the directions to make a diaper cake because since my friend theresa is having her babyshower in august, i told her my gift to her would be the diaper cake and the baby shower cake (to eat). so I have to work on planning all of that out and I know that diaper cakes aren't really that hard to make, so this should be fun.

i played school with kenzie at the whiteboard today and had so much fun! i haven't had that much fun with her while she was doing homework in a long time. it was nice to be a kid for a while. she played school from the time she got home until about 10 minutes ago, she finally crashed!

it seems like i am forgetting some of the things i did today, so with that i will go to bed since i am feeling kind of exhausted...

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