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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Heading to an appointment

Although today is my day off, I told Renee that I would come in this morning to take a patient out to an appointment. It will probably be a short day for me, but all in all, I am working again on my day off. This means I won't have a real day off again until next friday! I am working both days this weekend and so it puts me on a long stretch, but I don't really mind since the money is good.


Ryan and I both got raises yesterday at work. Putting Ryan at 12/hr and me at 12.25/hr. This was totally cool! In addition to that they are giving us retro pay for this raise since it was late getting to us. Ryan's is almost 4 months late and mine was 1 month late.

Kenzie is doing great. She asked me for a word search book while we were at the Dollar Tree, so I let her get one. I didn't think she would like it because word searches can sometimes be quite hard to do, but she is loving it and doing very well with it!

Maddie seems to be doing much better. I am thinking she had like a 24 hour bug because she is not coughing like she was and no runny nose. No fever either!

Ryan is going to get the kitchen ready for me while I am gone so I can have that done tonight while he is bowling with Kevin.

Kenzie brought home a note from school. She said there will be NO MORE HOMEWORK this year. I am not really happy about that, but that's ok because she doesn't know it but Momma is getting her a super workbook tonight and gonna do homework every day with her from that. Not to mention our daily routine has now consisted of playing school in one way or another. She is loving it and we are making learning fun for her. She also said that she got enough stickers on the poster at school to get to go to the Ice Cream Party! That was awesome. I don't know the details, but I do know that if they get enough stickers, they get a party.

And I am off to get in the shower so I can be ready to go to work on time. Have a blessed day and will be back later if I find anything to blog about. :)

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