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Friday, May 22, 2009

this week

has been a little crazy...

it is getting close to the end of the school year for Mackenzie. I am trying to get everything together for her for the end of school year activities. the school was on a lock down the other day... I have been dubbed the "yeller" outside of back gate. As we wait for our children earlier this week, a car came speeding through the school zone, so I yelled at them to slow down. Must have caught them off guard, because they stopped in the middle of the road and gathered themselves. I as do other parents don't feel like it is fair for them to speed through the zone and put our children at risk. i have made several calls this week for various things... i have more calls early next week to make... maddie has made some progress with potty training. she has been doing some going on her own and it is getting closer to her being trained. she is able to go on the potty, we just have to get her to go on a regular basis. she is very sporatic. i am in the middle of making the sponge bob costume (it has been raining for a week) i can't paint it outside because of the rain, so I ended up laying a drop cloth down in the garage so I can paint it... I am about half way through with painting the yellow on the box. i have managed to keep myself awake after the kids go to sleep all week long enough to read well into the night. I have finished the second book of the twilight series and love it!!!

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  1. Sis, was very hard to read this cause of the color. I do love the comment about god being like the ocean. Makes alot of sense. I am glad your getting some alone time. Love you!