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Sunday, January 3, 2010

9 favorite scrapbook lo's

Going into the 2k3 album for Kenzie is this lo. It is of her and shelby when they were just 7 and 14 weeks old. They were just adorable at that age. They have become so much closer as the years have gone on. They love spending time with each other and I love it when they can be together.
These were my favorite pics of the girls from when maddie was a baby. She was maybe 5 months old here if that and Carol had gotten her and kenzie the matching outfits. I used the wording "I smile because you're my sister" because it was cute. I wanted it to say "I smile because you're my sister. I laugh because there's nothing you can do about it." but didn't have room for it all... I had gotten this paper pad made by Martha Stewart and didn't know if i would be using the button paper, but it really worked out well to accentuate the outfits the girls had on. The embellie I chose was a pic of my girls cut in the shape of a heart and used glitter to outline it as a frame.

This is page one of our wedding layout. I used the quote "I love you today, tomorrow, and forever" for the wording on it. I really took my time and cut the bottom of the paper off of the lace you see at the top and then used that paper to cut the lettering and hearts from my cricut using the don juan cart. I really like how it all blends nicely with the background color.

This is page two of our wedding lo. I am liking that I was able to pull this off. It is the first 2 page lo I have ever done, and like the way it looks in the book side by side. It really highlights the different parts of our wedding nicely.

This was one of my favorite dresses that we had bought for Kenzie when she was younger. She wore it for the first time when she was just 2. I took the colors from her cake and dress and pulled them out to the layout. I then used the cricut to make the lettering. the flowers came from a kit I got for christmas. I loved that the printed paper I found in a scrap pack from Big Lots was just perfect for this lo. It will go in Kenzie's 2k5 album.

Heartbreaker... What more can be said? This was taken in 2k7 when Maddie was just under a year old. I loved those glasses and decided that I would scrap this. I wasn't sure what to do with it at first and put the pic back away. Then after christmas, kenzie had gotten the heart paper in her kit and I got the punches. I used the cricut to cut the lettering and let me tell you, this is one of the best lo's I have done so far. Love it and it will go in Maddie's 2k7 book.

This lo is a fav of mine that will be going into the 2k8 album. This pic was taken of us outside of my brother's house in 2k8 a few days before we moved from Indiana the last time. Kenzie had just gotten her cast put on her arm and we were worried about her hurting herself more... I love the way that I was able to have the b/w photo pop on this lo. I think b/w may be one of my new fav's to scrap with.
This layout, kenzie helped design. We wanted to do a sister page for both of their books, and since kenzie got a sb kit for christmas, we used lots of her things to make this lo. I got the sister sticker and the "the girls" sticker. I took and helped her frame things, she told me how and where to put things. I did make the executive decision to put the title strip behind the sister's sticker so that it would stand out more. All in all I love this lo because it allows me to remember how much love and fun i had when i was making this with kenzie. This lo will go in her 2009 album as I make it since the pics were taken in 2k9 and she made it that year too!

This layout, I loved making because it allowed me to remember how much fun we had when we were taking the pics of Maddie and Kenzie in the front yard in Jeffersonville. I love that the colors all look so nicely together and the flowers that were given to us for christmas went very well with the flowers in their dresses. I just love this. And if you look, the sticker in the bottom left corner says "perfect day" there was no other way to describe the way we felt that day!
These are my 9 fav lo's from 2k9. I was challenged to do this and it was quite easy for me as I just started so I didn't have a lot to go through to find my lo's, but I am sure many of you did have a lot more to go through to find yours, and I want to say that I love looking at your lo's and can't wait to see the ones from 2k10!


  1. Great 9 of '09! I love how the plaid in the top one coordinates with the clothes, so cute! Can't wait to see what you do in 2010!

  2. Grest choices. My favorite is heartbreaker, that pic is soo adorable!