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Saturday, January 2, 2010

hope everyone had a happy new year.

i hope you all had a happy new year. we sure did. we went to church so i could teach in the four year old class. this was supposed to be my last week teaching in 4's but i agreed to stay in fours until the end of febuary, then in march, i will be doing 2 nights in fours and one night in 1st grade for a few months, so hopefully by june, i will be in 1st grade 3 thursdays a month. the reason i am in fours is because i am hoping to help until they can get better coverage as many of the parents think that the church pays the teachers to man the classes so they can go to service, but this simply isn't the case. we did have a few parents say they would be interested and took information so they can get their ministry placement apps in so they can start helping out which is great. i am just believing that god will bring helpers in each week. this week we learned the first part of the lesson on noah and the ark. this is one of my all time favorite bible stories because of all of the animals and the lesson that if you trust god, he will protect you. our craft was to decorate a butterfly, but i wanted to take it to the next level, so i cut the centers of all of the butterflies out and made them into what looked like a frame. we then told the parents that they could pick up magnet tape and then put a pic of their child in the center of the butterfly and have it for a refrigerator magnet. they all loved the idea!

we then after church went to scott and juanitas. we played wii, did the firework thing. kenzie met a dog and loved him from afar. and watched the ball drop. at this point, i followed through on my word to my friend and had a glass of wine with her. (for those of you who don't know, i don't normally drink, so a glass of wine was nice). it was arbor mist white zinfadel(sp?) and i liked it... we then played more wii. maddie fell asleep in juanita's arms. ryan carried her to the spare bedroom. kenzie followed not long after to watch cartoons. about a half hour later, kenzie was sound asleep. we adults played wii for a while longer. for some reason, scott and i appeared to be the only ones playing for a while, then kevin joined us. i beat scott for a few games of bowling (bringing my record to 255) and then he beat me at mario kart. we then got out the wii fit plus. this was when the fun really began. to see him trying to beat my high score on the hula hoop was hillarious. at one point i had orange hi c coming out of my nose i was laughing so hard! and then to mess with kevin and scott while they were trying was the funnest part of the night. we all crashed about 3 am. i was up by 7 with the girls... kenzie wanted to go out and see the pigs, so we did and she loved them. she fed their pet bird too. she loves the bird because she took a cheerio out of her fingers through the cage and kenzie thought it was awesome.

i have taken on a new craft. scrapbooking... see my facebook profile for pics of that! it is becomming my passion.

and that is the update for now.

hope all is well!

also, please try and help me remember to blog as i have forgotten to here recently!

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