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Friday, January 8, 2010

fun times at jessica's

i went over to my friend jessica's about 3 months ago for a scrap meet. it was the first time i ever scrapped... so this was the reason i got into it so heavily. i had so much fun that i started into it big time. well i recently went back to pick up some stickers she had for me. we had a nice long chat and planned for a "crop" tomorrow. i am also going to go to her house next friday since ryan is off and then we will be heading over to moon lake to do some scrapping with a friend of hers who has every machine imaginable, so i hope i will be able to get some cool lo's done and maybe be able to cut more images than i currently can. i am loving this hobby so much.

an update on the other things going on right now:

*kenzie starts back to school monday (she can't wait)!
*maddie has an evaluation for speech on 1/27 (i can't wait to see what the outcome is)
*maddie continues to go potty on her own (she poo'd in the potty without me asking her to this morning)
*ryan is getting better with mario kart
*kenzie managed to bowl very close to a 200 this week on the wii
*i made some birthday cards and a get well card. i just need to get a good template for making the envelopes out of 12 by 12 coordinating papers!
*my friend ben was in the hospital (he had a seisure (which led to a stroke) he had to give up his driver's license at age 29 due to his ms and the activity, but he is out of the hospital now. will keep you updated)
*our friend johnny is in the hospital (i will have an update a little later on today on him and will edit when i do)
*we are planning kenzie's birthday party. it will be at the same playground we had it at last year. i called the man and he said if we wanted to we could get a bouncer for the party! i am stoked because we are debating that one.

i guess that about sums up what we have been up to.
i am trying to get better about blogging... hope i am doing what i am attempting...

loads of love!

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