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Monday, January 4, 2010

happy day

so, kenzie has had her days where she doesn't want to have a happy mommy and daddy. well. i just looked over at her (sitting on the couch watching hannah montanna smiling like you wouldn't believe) and she said, "mommy, i had a happy day"

that just makes my day!

Mario Kart Wii:
Yes, this was bought for ryan for christmas, but i'm telling you, i play it more than he does. we both have licenses (basically accounts) on there, I have won us (on my acct) all 32 tracks in the 50cc grand prix. I will start working on winning the last cup that I just unlocked in the coming days since it is the Special Cup and the tracks are very hard. Then on to winning the 150 cc ones and the 100 cc ones... Lastly, I have to win all of the time trials against ghosts in order to unlock the remainder of the items and drivers on the game, then, game on during parties! it's a really fun game to play with friends!

maddie continues to grow like a weed! she told me last night "I'm not wearing a pull up anymore! I'm a big GIRL!" I was entirely pleased with that especially when she pood in the potty right after it! Good girl!

kenzie got a hair straightener for christmas. No, she doesn't have curly hair, but it is wavy underneath, so it looks like it isn't brushed most of the time. she has decided that she loves her hair straight and lets me do it about every other night before bed for the next day. i think it makes her look so much more grown up.

well, they are starting to argue, so i better go.

I am going to work on the first page of a challenge due by the end of the month tonight. when i get my camera charged, i will post pics.

Loads of Love to my bloggy friends!

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