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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Port Richey Jr. Police Officer for the day

Yesterday, we went to Wally World for some "window shopping" for about an hour. I needed to get out of the house and needed to price a few things anyway, so as soon as we get there what does Maddie see? A Port Richey PD car sitting right out front. "MOMMY, A COP IS AT WALMART!!!!" she scrams so the whole world can hear her. So, I acknowledge that there indeed is a police officer in the Walmart and continue on putting her in a cart and going about my business. As we are heading through the store, the two officers come around the corner and Maddie points to them getting really shy. I said, "Yes, Honey those are the officers who's car is out front." and they stop to talk to her. One of them gave her a badge and told her she was his "special police officer for the day" It was so cute! Of course, I did not take my camera! We were only going to walmart afterall! I didn't expect being able to get a pic of her being the officer for the day! She got so shy it was adorable!

Today: Kenzie is off to school, Maddie will be heading to Yaya's for the night around lunch time, and I will have a few hours of quiet time! Much needed. Then when Kenzie gets home, I will let her have some special time with Mommy! She loves that! And that about sums up what our day is going to be.

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