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Thursday, August 19, 2010

A quiet week so far

So, Kenzie started school Monday. No, I didn't take first day pictures. I know, bad mom! But really, do you want to see traffic running by her on a major road for her first day pics? I am choosing to wait until the weekend, take her to a park or beach and do some cuter pics of her there for her second grade pictures. Maddie has been so happy to not fight with Kenzie this week. She does miss her sister, but it is so quiet and we are enjoying that. I did get to do a couple of scrap layouts this week. I am waiting it out on uploading them here though. I think I want to start uploading a month worth of lo's at a time or something like that. More to come on that later.

The funny story for today. I mop the kitchen. Sweeping the hallway so I can mop that as well and somehow maddie falls into the mopbucket. Pinesol and Water went everwhere. so while ryan cleaned that up, I gave maddie a bath to get the chemicals off of her! She was upset because she thought she was in trouble and Ryan and I were just laughing because it was so funny!

And now, I am gonna go do something constructive....

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