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Friday, August 6, 2010

A Summer Of Pictures

This is my current favorite picture of Maddie! We did do our fair share of goofing off this summer and I happened to catch Maddie on camera! She had these glasses left over from a birthday party loot bag. Simply popped out the lenses and she became the cutest little Nerd I have ever seen!
After a long day in the sun, the girls were tuckerd out! If you don't believe me just look at Mackenzie. LOL! She fell asleep before her head hit the pillow I do believe!

Go ahead, call me a mean mom. Yes, I held them both under the bucket until it dumped! It was so much fun! But I do have a partner in crime. My friend Debbie was the one behind my camera here! Mommy, this is so much fun, I can't stand still!

I am speechless. Perhaps she was taken by surprise by the water spraying from all directions!
Just Beautiful! That's all I can say to sum up my daughters!
Taking time for a walk and a picture by the sea oats.

Maddie had so much fun at the beach that day. She kept trying to mock what Kevin was doing and was so cute doing it. See, I told you my daughter's were beautiful!

Mom, I don't have time for a picture, can't you see I am on the phone!!! I had to call deb because she hasn't gotten here yet to get us! I wanna go so bad!

And lastly, the camping trip that is a few posts down, well, it was quite the experience. This is one of the only pics I got before my camera died. It was a momma and 3 of her babies. One is hiding behind her.

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