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Thursday, April 28, 2011

a couple more favorite pics from easter...

I love that my girls are so very photogenic! And they are usually pretty good when I ask them to pose. Maddie even put up with me adjusting her!!! Here, I have adjusted the light as it wasn't the best photo, but when I adjusted the light and removed ALL saturation, it turned out pretty good.
The girls love yaya's Magnolia tree, so I took advantage of it. I didn't like it in color, but it looks really nice in black and white! I can't wait to get these printed!

And now for the regular check in. Ryan is working 12 hours today. It's nice for him to get the long hours! Maddie is not really doing anything different... Just hanging out. Skye is being very quiet today.... Kenzie wasn't having a very happy morning but I am hoping that will change by the time she gets off of the bus. And I am running around this Condo like a chicken with my head cut off! I have company coming over this weekend, so wanted to get some regular chores out of the way so we can just enjoy our time with Deb. She is bringing the girls' bikes back to us. (i don't know if i mentioned that the bike rack broke on our last camping trip so she put the bikes in her truck and took them home with her. she'll bring them tomorrow since she lives about 1hour away and comes to town about every 2 weeks)

And now time to get off this brain sucking machine LOL

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