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Monday, April 25, 2011

sunflowers and tomatoes

so, one of the gifts kenzie and maddie got for easter from yaya and pappy was to get little "greenhouses" maddie got sunflowers and kenzie got tomatoes... so guess what's in our kitchen window! can't wait for them to start sprouting and then get big enough to transplant to the patio!

maddie is doing great here lately! she know's that she is about to be five and that she will be going to kindergarten this fall. she is getting really good with her colors and has even started recognizing some letters! i can't wait for her to really get it when she starts school. there has been a lot of contreversy as to why i did not put her in preschool. let me clear this up: the main reason, we didn't have enough money to pay for it. and you will argue that we could have gotten prek for free here in the state of florida. and my rebuttal is this: IF I CANNOT FIND A SCHOOL I LIKE THAN I WILL NOT BE FORCING HER TO GO TO IT. afterall prek is VOLUNTARY not mandatory! my take on the whole thing is this, there are MANY kids whose parents can't afford preschool and they do just fine! i have a friend whose son is in 3rd grade this year... he didn't go to preschool yet, he is in the top of his class even after having speech issues! so please, do me a favor and don't judge me because i didn't send her to preschool.

kenzie is struggling a little in math, but we are working on it with her. this week she has been working on counting money. she gets confused, but we are getting better with it. other than that, she is still in the self contained classroom and loving her teacher...

ryan is status quo other than he has a meeting with a prospective new job tomorrow... prayers would be great as he is wanting to get out of the place he works at now...

i am just hanging out til the day i go for my test and after that happens, i'll update you...

there will be very few pictures uploaded until i get my camera as my sony is broken.... i'll get that done as soon as i can... (i am hoping that i will be able to get it the first month that i go back to work). more updates later :)

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