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Sunday, April 24, 2011

time for a fill in... lol

after that last post, we had our spring break. we took the kids camping for the first time in a tent. they loved it! the only downfall was that my camera got knocked off of the picnic table and covered in sand... it is ruined! i called the camera shop and asked about getting it fixed... it will cost more to fix it than it would to just buy a new camera... so what is momma going to do? UPGRADE! it may take me a little extra time to get my new camera because I have decided to upgrade to a digital slr camera. some may ask why I feel this necessary... well see below:

* my other camera was good, but i want to be able to start doing the manual settings on the slr type cameras.
* i want to be able to switch the lenses out as desired. no this isn't a necessity, but i really want this!
* i have been asked by some friends over several occasions to do their childrens pictures for them. a slr will make that much more enjoyable for everyone involved. (due to the camera breaking i had to call and cancel on a friend of mine who had asked me to do her wedding pictures!).
* i have always had an interest in photography, and if i can take the classes (which i can at a local camera shop) and then make a little money on top of it, why not do it.

some may think that i am looking into photography as a way of trying to be like them. THAT IS NOT THE CASE! i could care less who thinks they are better than me so much that they think i have to be like them. i am me and if you can't accept that, please, by all means STOP READING MY BLOG!

we are spending easter sunday alone this year. we had to have easter dinner friday night because roy and carol weren't going to be here for easter. it really saddens me that my kids have to have their holidays altered, but i guess that's just the way their life will be. but i do know that for christmas, my children will be speinding it at home FROM NOW ON! in past years we have gone to other places, but my kids don't get to enjoy the fact that they get to play with everything they get because we are at someone else's house. if anyone doesn't like this TUFF STUFF! my kids are going to start being first and if you don't like or don't want us in your life, please don't hesitate to let us know!

i am over it!

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