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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Pictures

Today, I received, by e mail, the easter pictures I took of the girls. Below, you will see them. I have edited them to reflect my personal taste. I am also including a small caption below each of them as is my favorite thing to do. This first photo is of my lil Madison. She had a blast finding eggs that were hidden. They found eggs in bushes, on garden hangers, in trees, under bushes, on the fence, under the hot tub steps... you name it... that's where they were hidden! The had a blast and I was able to just barely capture the moment of Madison finding her first egg. So priceless!
But, before we went out to find eggs, I had the girls pose up for some modeling. Honestly, Maddie wasn't into it, but Mackenzie was. She is such a ham! Here she is laying on the couch in the front room at my mother in law's house. I have applied some spot light to this photo and walah!
Here, I took that same picture of Kenzie and turned it black and white while adding a black vignette to it. I love the way it turned out!!!Madison thought it would be funny to run away from me, but I caught her just in time for a photo! I love it! She is such a cutie! Here I added a white vignette that I have faded around the edges to show a little foggy effect if you will...
And again, Maddie doing what she does best..... See, I have found with her it is best to capture moments while she is in motion. She loves picking flowers, so this was just perfect for a photo!
And lastly, because they recieved a beach ball sprinkler, we put their bathing suits on them and let them play in it. After they were done and wet, I was able to get a picture of them laying in the grass with their shades on! As you can see they both were getting tired of the Mamaratzi by now.

And that's all I have to share with you for now. More to come as I can, but until I get my camera it will be few and far between. I know I will have pics of Maddie's birthday party at the beach, but I don't know what else I'll be able to capture til I get that camera. I did look at 2 different cameras today. They were both digital slr's and I have to say, I love that I can manually zoom in on my target. No, I did not buy one. I am not ready to I am just looking and trying to decide which camera is best for me for now. I'll be sure to share with you all when I do buy one.

Lastly, thank you carol for letting me take the pics on your camera. Thank you Amanda for e mailing them to me. Thank you Stephanie for your input on how to do a few things with these photos.

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