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Monday, August 29, 2011

and the first week is over

we are starting week two of school\

kenzie is adapting very well as always to going to school. i never have had trouble with getting her to go to school, it's her sister that i have issues with. maddie just does not want to go. we are making her ride the bus now because ryan needs the car some mornings, so i can't just take her. she doesn't like that and replies, "mommy i wanna hang out with you" it's hard, but it is what is best for her. she'll adapt to it soon enough (i hope) and hopefully she will start to love school the same way kenzie does...

sunday we took the kids swimming and they had a blast!!! was soo much fun! they love being in a pool...

and that's about the update for now.. more to come when i am happier... maddie had another morning of crying from the time she got up and she was still crying when she got on the bus... even made me promise to wait at the bus stop all day!!! wow she's a momma and daddy's girl!

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