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Saturday, August 20, 2011

What a Week!!!

this week has been insane to say the least!!!

Monday: Both girls had their back to school physicals... Let me just say this: holy, KENZIE has to have a shotttt??? We weren't expecting Kenzie to have to have any shots, but we got through it... Maddie had 4 shots. They both are healthy! Maddie has to go back and have some warts frozen, which is not one of those days I will be looking forward to, but it's all in a day's Mothering right!

Tuesday: Preparing the girls for Meet the Teacher day took more out of me than I thought it would. I sort of took the day off of doing my long list of to do's to get Maddie mentally ready for what she was going to do on Wednesday.

Wednesday: Meet the teacher day at 2 schools. So, since the website said 830, we got at Maddie's school at 8am. No problem right? Wrong! They decided to wait until 9 to start and where they had the sign for the registration wasn't where the line was supposed to be so all of the ones who were there first had to go to the back of the line when we found out that it was the wrong place in the first place. Then we get to the Media Center and it was a bunch of chaos. We get her registered, head over to the bus line only to find out that they didn't have the hand written passes at the table and after waiting for what seemed like forever, we moved on so that we could finish up the rest of the centers we had to go to. Food and Nurtrition had some great information for us! Then PTA and volunteering and finally we go back to the Bus Line to find out they still don't have her pass, so I said, we'll come back after we see her teacher. Up to Mrs. Phipps room we go. We let her look around her room and talk a little with the teacher, and back to the bus line. We finally decided to come back one day later in the week since they still didn't have it together and we had another school to go to.

We get to Kenzie's school and were in and out in about 15 minutes! I love Meet the Teacher day at Kenzie's school. It's always been a breeze! So we go to the teacher who Kenzie is supposed to have only to find out that she doesn't have Mr. P, she has Mrs. Walsh again, but that's ok. She has done great with Mrs. Walsh for the last 2 years and she will do great again this year!!

Thursday: Ryan started working a new job and came home EXHAUSTED! And sunburned!

Friday: It was a crazy day here. The kids were missing their Daddy because he was at work for another LONG day. He's been leaving at 6 am and getting home around 7pm. Well, last night he got home around 9! And the girls had had enough of him not being here for them. So, they let him know it! We also went back to the school to get the bus pass that was supposed to be ready and wasn't. So we waited for them to make it out, which wasn't too bad because there wasn't the comotion of hundreds of families trying to do the same thing at the same time...

Today: Ryan is working again and I am taking Maddie to the eye dr. I'll post again after so that you can see what happens there...

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