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Monday, August 1, 2011

busy momma

the last few days, i have been super busy! it seems like it never ends...

quick update:

kenzie's school didn't accept any children school choice applications. therefore maddie doesn't get to go to school with her sister.

ryan's schedule got changed YET AGAIN!

maddie is doing great! she loves that she has one tooth out! she is such a cutie

mom came in last week and we had friday to go shopping: here's what our day consisted of:

hospice thrift store
salvation army thrift store
usa flea market
mc donalds
new shirts
school clothes
fun times with nana

it was a very busy day and we were all exhausted by the time it was done. i'll be editing and posting the pictures when i get a chance...

saturday and sunday have been equally busy. kenzie decided yesterday that she wants to tell me "mommy, for my birthday can we have a carnival?" really child.... good thing you are telling me in july and your birthday isn't til FEB!!! so i am holding her to it!!!

more details to come on that... and now my latest adventure, i have added a search bar to my blog! i'm excited about that for all of you :)

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