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Sunday, August 31, 2008

busy-ness around here

We have been extremely busy around here. A recap (as much as I can) of our week.

Monday- Kenzie went to school. Ryan and Maddie and I went and got all of the utilities straightened out. We had trouble in Spring Hill with the Elec company, but it is all good now.

Tuesday- Maddie and I went to meet some of my friends for lunch. We saw carol, and then we came home to get Kenzie from school.

Wednesday- Kenzie at school. Ryan, Maddie and I headed to Clearwater. We saw some of our friends we used to work with. We then met Arnie at this new facility we were referred to. He gave us applications and that was that.

Thursday- Ryan returned the applications and asked about interviews, and was told "You need not interview. Heather is your interview. Welcome aboard." So we will have to go and do the drug test thing, but we are set for when the place opens. I will be getting something soon though to pass the time. Although Arnie may put us to work in East Lake until the place in New Port Richey opens....

Friday-When Kenzie got home from school we packed her up and brought her to stay the night with Yaya and Pappy.

Saturday- Yaya took Kenzie to the Beach and the craft show. I will have pics at a later date.

Sunday- this brings us to today. We are doing well. Just watching the outer bands of Gustov float by us. We are thankful to God that we aren't in Louisiana right now and pray for the victoms to come as a result of this Hurricane.

I will be back when I have more to tell.


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