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Friday, August 22, 2008

first week of school in recap

So, we have made it through Kenzie's first week of Kindergarten. The only tears shed were Maddie crying for "INZI" I had sent her to preschool for the last 3 years so the seperation was quite a bit easier for me. Maddie on the other hand misses her sissy during the day.

Monday-- first day of school. House was shockingly quiet. Maddie looked for her constantly.
Tuesday-- hurricane day. No school thanks to tropical storm fay. bummer... we didn't have bad weather, but school got cancelled anyway.
Wednesday-- back to school. Kenzie did great.
Thursday-- Ryan walked her to school I picked her up to get her used to the idea of only having acess to one of us on the way to/from school.
Friday-- she brought home her work from the week at school and showed us all about circle joe. circle joe will be another blog (if i get the time for it).

We got to see my mom this week. ryan's parents have been around several days this week. we are meeting our neighbors and that is that...

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