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Wednesday, August 6, 2008


So, yesterday on my way to work a guy pulled up next to me with his window down and pointing at my front end of my van. against my better judgement, i rolled my window down and he yelled to me "You gotta really low tire baby!" So, about a minute later, I made my way to the side of the interstate. I was like 2 miles from work. It was 5:40 pm. I had to be there by 6 pm. and my driver side front tire was flatter than a doornail. I called Ryan who put the girls in his car and came to my rescue. When he got there it was about 6:10pm. I had already called work and told them I would be late. He called AAA. They didn't get there until after 7pm. They had the van tire switched out with the donut in no time. We proceded (very slowly) to the gas station down from work and checked the pressure and aired up any tires that may have been a little low (this needed to be done anyway). I finally made it to work about 8pm. Ryan is going to get me new tires today. I just thank God that I got the flat while I was still in the area and not on the interstate on my way to Florida. Now let me explain what happened with the tire. When they took it off, we could see that the inside wall had seperated therefore causing the air to leak out (probably pretty fast) they said it was likely caused by the heat of the air and the heat of the road not to mention the rate at which I was driving (60 mph). So all is well and I am home after a near hour drive at about 45 mph this morning. Let me tell you my fellow roadster's weren't very happy with me going that slow, but I am not gonna blow out a donut! The girls are doing very well. Kenzie can't wait to see all of her "Florida" family. Maddie is still being a hippie. And that is that.

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