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Saturday, August 2, 2008

a few pics...

So, I have been neglecting to take pics, let alone sharing them, but today, I started the task of taking a few pictures of the girls again. And tonight I should have more to put on here because we are taking the girls to Sellersburg Celebrates. For you out of towner's, it is a little carnival down in Sellersburg and since we missed the 4 h fair, we thought we would take them to Sellersburg. I will be sure to take pics as I can. We are going with Dianne, Andrew, and Gabe.
As you can see, Kenzie's second tooth on the bottom came out, and she cheesed up real good for me so I could show off her Christmas wish! LOL!
At about 2 am, I snuck into Maddie's room and snapped a picture of her, then uploaded it to and turned it into a sketch! Pretty cool I do think!
I call this one "My little HIPPIE getting ready to move" she went and gathered her baby, blankie, pillow, barney, webkinz lil dalmation, and sippy cup then proceded to climb into the big purple suitcase that I am working on using for Ryan and My clothes that we are taking in the van with us so we will have changes of clothes as we pack to move. I just can't get over how funny she is here lately.

Now on to the good stuff...

Ryan and Kenzie are going to hit balls later so he can teach her how to use the golf club that "Uncle Maxx" gave her.

Uncle Maxx and Daddy got pulled over becase Maxx ran a stop sign... Not the smartest move, but I guess he got excited because he ran the stop sign to get in the parking lot of the golf course. LOL! All is well. Except, Ryan has to drive Maxx home because Maxx forgot his driver's license at home.

I have been hanging out with the girls today...

And that is that.

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