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Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Christmas Rush Is Here

So, as you know in years past, I have been all over being ready for Christmas. NOT THIS YEAR! I haven't done hardly any shopping. And I really am feeling the rush, but no fear, I will have everyone satisfied come Christmas Morning. Kenzie has a list a mile long, Maddie, I am going to wing it. Ryan is 1/2 way done. Taylor is done, Amanda is done, Carolyn is done, Riley and Shelby will be done this week, Derrick i am winging it on him and Dan as well as Roy. Carol is done. Mom is part way done. My sister I have to mail out. Cards are 1/2 made. None have been sent. The tree is up needs to be shaped and decorated. And I am still sane... Oh, I almost forgot, I sort of adopted a family for christmas, so i have 2 beautiful little girls to buy for as well. So in all of the hustle and bustle, I am totally doing well with my stress levels. How you might ask? I can sum it up in one phrase: THE LORD IS MY SHEPHERD I SHALL NOT WANT Psalm 23:1. I am standing on that phrase and He is delivering! I ordered one thing for Kenzie this past week. It came in and I have it all ready to go, but I need to put a call in to Santa for her and Maddie both. He will deliver I am sure.... Ryan's will be mailed out this week. It has just been preordered. I can't wait for him to get it. I still have one other thing to get for him. And as for me, I told him anything organizational for my scrappy desk. I really am hoping that he will spring for the PINK ATG GUN made by scotch. it is an amazing adhesive runner! I have been wanting one all year. Anyway, it'stime to get this talking little 4 year old to bed. I'll try and update more later...

Be watching for the santa letters... I am goign to be uploading them soon as I can get the kids to narrow down their lists a little... (for a 7 year old asking for an ipod, laptop, and ds, that's a little steep this year) so now you know why i have to have her narrow it down...

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