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Thursday, December 9, 2010

mall time

so today, we go to the mall looking for something for kenzie to wear this weekend. and i didn't find anything, but maddie caught sight of the piercing pagoda. she declared that she was goign to get her ears pierced. and although i have the 5 year old piercing rule, i caved after all she has been begging for 6 months to do this. so, the piercing pagoda wouldn't do it because they didn't have an extra person around who could do the other ear at the same time. claires told us the same story. walmart refuses also. so we go to merle norman thinking it would be the same story. the lady said she wanted to talk with maddie and see if she thought she would cooperate with the whole process. after a discussion with maddie, we decided to try it. ryan sat down in the chair and let maddie sit on his lap. the lady marks her ears and asks maddie if she wants to really have the earrings put in. maddie says yes. so she does the first one. a few tears later, maddie says that she wants me to hold her for the next ear so i do. i sort of cross her arms in front of her so that she can't grab her ear when the gun comes near and she didn't even flinch the second ear!!! i was in total shock! we come out of there with a smiling pretty BIG girl if you ask maddie she was carrying her "piercing certificate" and the cleaner for keeping her ears clean for the next 6 weeks or so. so she is happy as can be now!!! amazing isn't it!!! i'll do pics tomorrow today was just such a trying day that i didn't do it. still haven't really found what we want for kenzie, but that's ok... we will get there eventually...

we are heading to deltona for the weekend again this weekend, but things are looking up for us! more news to come soon i promise!!!

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