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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Flutterbye Designs

Hello all!! As of Today, I will be making a new blog. I will keep this one for family and personal type stuff, but I will be running one for my business. I am currently on facebook. Look me up if you like. I will be specializing in Gift Bag Mini Albums. I'll add pics to the new blog and link here for you so you can find and follow if you like. I just wanted to give a heads up so that you weren't surprised when my craftiness was moved from this blog and it turned back into what I wanted it to be when I created it. So, for now, I will go. I'll be seeing you all here and there and everywhere!

EDIT: THE BLOG SITE IS head on over to check out some of my work. See you there!!! There will be a follower contest to see who can win a free album on that page starting January 1. For this week, my facebook page, the link is on the business blog, is having a referral contest. See the rules in the first post on my business blog. See you over there when you can!!!

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