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Friday, December 31, 2010

what have we been up to?

Well, it's simple. Christmas. I waited til last minute to get gifts taken care of this year. That is totally out of character for me. I will say that christmas was a fun time. We went to Orlando and spent it with Derrick, Amanda, Riley, Shelby, Maggie, Sam, Dan, Carolyn, Taylor, Jesse, Mia, Bella, Maggie(yes there were two dogs named Maggie), Shirl, GiGi, Yaya, and Pappy. Such fun times. When I can get the pics from Amanda, I'll upload a few so you can see the fun times we had.

Christmas Morning, Shelby and Kenzie had me up at 447 am. Oh my gooness did I wanna Kill them!!! I was up til after 1 and up before 5! So they had to wait til 6 to wake the house. When they did, My girls got their santa sacks while Riley and Shelby got to see what they got from Santa. My girls got a variety of toys and games from him. Maddie got a Bike and Scooter from him. Riley and shelby got pogo sticks and a trampoline. So much fun!!!

Then we did stockings... status quo... lots of goodies in there!!! My favorite was the Keychain that had the pic of the kids with the grandparents! Love shrinky dinks!

For gifts, I will try to summarize our favorites:

Dawn: Jewelry Armoire and Cross necklace. Fiesa bowls. Scrappy supplies and shirts. One was pink saying Scrap Queen and the black one said, "Scrappers are acid free"!

Ryan: Mario Galaxy 2 for wii, bucs jersey, racecar game from our girls, etc.

Maddie: Game boy and games. perfection, princess hide and seek, ALPHIE

Kenzie: Metallic Rose DS (she named it Rosie) with Toy Story3 to go with it. MP3 player loaded with songs, games, dvd's, outfit from yaya, erasers (they are really coooool ones called CRAZERASERS) etc.

It was a really great christmas. I guess I have lost my train of thought. If it comes back I will edit the post. LOL

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