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Monday, December 13, 2010

What a weekend....

This past weekend was quite the weekend.... Let me break it down for you:

Friday, I got Ryan up for work at 530 am. He was off to work and I got Kenzie off to school. I did laundry and packed all day for our weekend. When he got home, he picked Kenzie up from the bus so I could do what I needed to do so we would be ready to go. We then loaded the kids into the van and were off to Trinity. We switched cars and visited with GiGi for a bit. We headed to deltona. Got to Lakeland and needed to feed the girls, so McDonalds got graced with our money. We leave and get 2 exits down the road only to pull in to another McDonalds to trade out the toy. Not fun. Finally, we arrive at our destination at 9:17 pm. Exhausted!!! Albert helped unpack our car. The kids did their thing while Mandi, Albert, Ryan and I goofed off. The boys settled into a movie while the ladies settled in to the scrap room... At around 4 am, we went to bed. I woke up around 730 and on the way to the bathroom I find:


I wake Albert and Mandi up and we go to cleaning up the mess. We ended up having to spend most of the day at his mom's doing laundry, but all in all we had fun. When we got home, Mandi and I started making mini albums and the boys come in. Ryan said we were leaving to go to Longwood. Although we were bummed that we were leaving so soon, we hadn't been to his brother's house in over a year, so we left and traveled 24 minutes to his brother's house.

It was a fun visit and in the next post, you will see some of the pics from our weekend... Shelby was a hoooooot! as always! Riley a sweetheart! Amanda (Cox) was a wonderful Photographer. Amanda (Valentin) such a pleasure to be around as always, and the list goes on!!!

We came home last night and went to bed early. I have even made our Christmas Card today!!! I am going to be uploading it very soon....

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