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Saturday, September 27, 2008

a scene from csi

so today we had an all in all good day. we got up... did some work... got showered, dressed and went to surprise pappy and the guys at the club. we hadn't seen tommy since kenzie was born and when she was born, all the guys were just great! anyway, we had lunch at the club with pappy.. went home... tommy called, ryan and pappy went to get the pressure washer from him and then gas and a sprayer.... the pressure washed the back porch after clearing all of pappy and ya ya's furniture and plants off of it... then pappy was off to the store... we then had panfried fresh snapper and hotdogs.. we ate outside at the patio furniture which is temporarily in the yard... it was so nice... then a quick clean up and off to the park with all of us.. i helped a lady find her way around the subdivision on the way home and then put the dishes away from the dishwasher while charlie and judy's cat scared the life out of me and kenzie... she had gotten on top of the refrigerator and jumped down about that time kenzie screamed and i jumped... maddie yells CAT! so funny... anyway... the boys came home... we stayed til Maddie got fussy came home... on the way home, i jump out of the van when i see the church across the street from kenzie's school... parking lot looked a lot like a scene from csi. the police found a dead body in the dumpster... they had this white fabric and lights around the dumpster... the crowd of spectators told me that they were trying to pull the body out... what is this world comming to? crazy isn't it... you just never know what is going to happen... so ryan comes back around and i get back in the car... we come home... ryan walks back down there.. kenzie and maddie go to bed... all in all good day with the exception of the scene at the church! crazy crazy crazy!

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