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Sunday, September 14, 2008

"Tank OOO Manna"

Ok, so I know I have you trying to figure out what the title means right? Well, Amanda and Derrick have sent Maddie tons of clothes that their girls out grew. I have been reminding Maddie that Aunt Amanda and Uncle Derrick were the ones that sent them, so she runs around the house screaming "TANK OOO MANNA" and she is trying to say, "Thank You Amanda" it is just toooooo cute. She has really loved going through all of the clothes. Oh and "SOOOOOOOOOS! MOMMY, SOOOOOOOOS!" She really got a kick out of the bag of "ocks" that you sent her. She loves crocs! They are her favorite shoes right now. I think because they are really easy for her to get on. So, I am going through and trying to seperate according to size, but the hard thing is getting all of the 4's in one container since what Amanda sent took up my largest rubbermaid container and I haven't even gotten to my 4's that Kenzie had from when she was younger. I know I will figure it out, just will take some time! So THANK YOU!

Kenzie is loving us reading to her finally. I have some pics and video's to put up here soon for you all.

Ryan is struggling to hold on in fantasy football this week.

I am doing a pretty good job with my school for this term.

And that is the cox update!

Oh, Maddie just started somethign new. When she gets mad, she states, "BYE!" then goes to her room. When she is over it, she knocks on the door to tell us to come open it. Too funny. Putting herself in time out.

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