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Friday, September 12, 2008

what do you wanna do with that extra stuff around the house?

FREECYCLE IT! You heard me, I believe in helping others, so the stuff you have around the house that you no longer want/need, give it a good home. If you know a friend or family member who could use it, give it to them, otherwise list it on and see who needs it. It is a great way to help others out while clearing out space that is needed for your stuff you do use on a regular basis. Also, I found a really cool cottage bed for Maddie on there. Ryan went and got it tonight! AWESOME! Billy said if it wasn't picked up it was going to the trash! It was a great pick up because we needed a bed for Maddie, and now we have one. Real budget saver too! Also, I have a friend who is putting together a frame for a twin size mattress that I have for Kenzie! I have a twin size headboard with storage in the garage! Awesome! I just love it! Anything anyone needs can be found pretty simply on the website!

Kenzie is so excited to go back to school on Monday. Why can't school go seven days a week? She would be up for it although most kids wouldn't. She loves her school!

Maddie is continuing to learn things. Today she came running yelling "MOMMY 'OWIN, 'OWIN! 'OOK, 'OWIN, 'OWIN" to tell me that the lawn guy was outside mowing our yard! It was so cute. She has also learned how to try both of us. If she is mad at Ryan, it is "I 'ANT MY MOMMY" and if she is mad at me it's, "I 'ANT MY DADDY". So as you can all see she is putting sentences together and expressing her needs really clearly.

Ryan is the same and so am I.


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