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Thursday, February 19, 2009

found for kenzie's party

the inflatable basketballs and the popcorn containers! I am going to start working on the cake that I am doing for her party soon. Meaning, I am going to begin making the fondant accents so that they can dry before I need them for the cake. It will be really fun to get back into the element of being creative with this cake. so, where did I go for the basketballs and popcorn containers? to the store called i party. carol had told me about it and i wasn't sure how long it would take if i were to order from oriental trading, so i went to the store and got what i needed. it is even better than party city in my humble opinion.

MORE NEWS: things have calmed down majorly in our house. we are working through some struggles, and hopefully things will continue being calm...

now for a count for kenzie's party... just for my own good... there are going to be:
kenzie, maddie, me, ryan, derrick, amanda, grandma, riley, shelby, yaya, pappy, dave, and gayle (we believe), angeleena (and her 2 daughters), danielle (and her 2 boys), amanda (the neighbor's daughter), gretchen, tim, zoey, and maybey raven, dave and crystal with micheal, and those are the ones that have for sure said they would be there... so much fun! hope that brooklyn, channel, and aaron can make it too!

now for an update on the food:

CONCESSION STAND it is! We are doing hot dogs with the following toppings:
relish, onion, ketchup, mustard, slaw, chili, and a small can of kraut for anyone who may like their dog with any of those! Nacho's will be there as well as popcorn, juice boxes, soda and bottled water... then cake and the ice cream will be stored at carol's house and then when it is almost time for cake and ice cream, ryan or i will leave for a few minutes to go get it so it doesn't melt!

Kenzie is wanting to dress like a cheerleader, so i am on the hunt for used cheerleading uniforms, but not having much luck as new ones are out of this world expensive, so Karen, if you have any tips since you are a cheer coach, please let me know.... and that is that!