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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Planning a Party

So, we have been really busy planning Kenzie's 6th birthday party. So much is involved in planning a birthday party as many of you know, but here goes:

We have selected High School Musical for the theme, so with that comes invites, and major planning. I still have some red fabric that Amanda gave me over a year ago, so I am going to use that some how in the decor. I have streamers to hang, then I was able to get some red, black, and white pom pom's to use or to let the girls play with at the party. I am looking for some deals on basketballs now and then planning the food. Since the movie was centered around a basketball team, we are trying to center the party around a basketball game. I just spoke with Amanda and we have pretty much decided on concession stand for the food area! We are going to do hot dogs, chips, soda, juice, popcorn and the like for the food area! So much fun. If you have more ideas, please comment me and let me know what you think!

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