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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"If you work second shift...."

That was the beginning of a very long night for me at work yesterday! It went like this,

"Hey Dawn!" Renee said
"What's up Renee?"
"I need a favor"
"What ya need?"
"If you work tonight second shift, I will give you tomorrow off"
"Sure I'll do it"

Why do I let myself get into these things? But the good thing is that anything over eight hours a day is paid overtime, so I got paid a lot more to work last night second shift than I would have to worked today.

I don't really have an update other than the insane day I had at work last night.. Kenzie is at school, Ryan is running to spring hill for a few minutes, and I am here with Maddie. Thought I would sneak in a few minutes on the blog.

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