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Sunday, February 8, 2009


Today, Ryan went to get the girls from Roy and Carol and made it home before my friend Angeleena got here to get me to go do our nails. Kenzie asked if she too could go, so we took her along. Not thinking anything would come of her watching us, she had other plans. We all three got our pedicures! She sat on the edge of the big chair and let the nail tech massage her and cut her nails, then came the painting, and then all of a sudden, she said, "Can I have a flower on them?" so she got this cool flower on all of her toes! Then while our techs were finishing our feet, Kenzie went on to the first nail station in the front of the nail salon and sat while they did her manicure! She got the same flower design on her fingernails. I got that design on my nails as well, I did a french with red tips on my toes. Angeleena did the same as me only in a different color. Kenzie's color was matched to her pink outfit she was wearing! We had a great girls day out!