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Friday, February 27, 2009

I'm so wild about.....

Harry! LOL! The song just popped into my mind... And thought I would share the thought with you!

I worked late last night and am doing the same tomorrow, so Carol has said she would take the girls so I can do so.

Ryan is working as I type this and the girls are being good little girls. (Which can be rare these days. They just want to fight with each other).

Kenzie went to safety town yesterday and I suppose it was fun, although I can't get her to tell me about it.

Maddie has declared that my mom is "My Nana No Your Nana!" I was talking to her on the phone and told Maddie that I was talking to Nana and she told me like it was! Too cute.

I have to re make the sign for the concession stand. Ryan thought he would roll it up for storage before the glue got dried and you can imagine what happened.... Good thing I bought several pieces of posterboard!

Grandma is back at Amanda's and I will be seeing her in about a week! Can't wait for that!

Mom and Pop are racking their brains with Pappy. He has been ill for quite some time and as a medical professional, mom and I both are trying to find out why he is holding on. He has been on hospice for a while and most days he is completly unresponsive, but some days he is lucid and asking where Nana Red is. As you all know, Nana Red (Pappy's wife) passed away last July, and we weren't expecting Pappy to be much further behind her, but he is continuing to hold on to the last thread of the life rope Jesus has given him. Why we don't know, but please do pray for the family in this time.

That is enough for now. More to come!

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