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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

a long stretch at work

So, I haven't updated lately because of the long stretch I am in the middle of right now at work. I worked of course last weekend. I even worked a double on Sunday (Kenzie's 6th birthday) and Super Bowl! So that Ryan could watch the game. What a nice wife I am! I am working tonight 3pm to 11pm in addition to Saturday another 16 hour shift in addition to my normal schedule, so that gives me 8 days in a row, but more like 10 shifts! Awesome!

Kenzie went home with Zoey for a while yesterday and loved it! Gretchen is planning on having a sleep over with the two of them soon! Will let you know how that works.

Maddie is about the same. She just continues growing and comming up with new words.

And that is the jest of us right now.

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