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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The academy cake

a couple pics of what i have been doing today..

we started out by going to walmart to pick up something i forgot for the cake... and then picked up lunch and headed to the playground to eat and let the girls have some fun before heading home to bake... i baked the cake adding 1 tbs of meringue pouder to each cake batter to make them stiffer to prevent the cracking that happened with the last cake. i proceeded to work on it... was an all day project. ryan took maddie bowling with him tonight and i stayed home to work on this piece of art. i can't wait to add the oscar to it and present it to my boss tomorrow at the party!

derrick and amanda are coming in this weekend to spend time with jen and alex and their kiddos' and she is brining the bowling pin cake pan for me for a cake in july. i just love living so close to her that we can converse about the cakes and I am hoping that as I do more of them again, I will have my skills improve over time. I never worked with much fondant, but I am sure that as I get used to using it, it will become easier.

and that is that.

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