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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Calvary Chapel Worship Center

I have been told many times about going to this church by friends at work, and I finally felt it was time to give it a try. I called Tina G on my way and let her know to look for me. I got the girls settled in the class they would be in and Maddie didn't even whimper. This has never happened. I then went out to the main area to wait for Tina to get there when I saw another friend from work Robson. I didn't even know he went to that church, so I chatted with him and when it was time to go in the sanctuary, I went on in and was told by my buddy "Men on the right Ladies on the left!" (good ole Rob!). So I followed instructions and proceded with the praise and worship part of the service. When that was over, I found Tina had come in and didn't even recognize me out of my scrubs! So I then moved to sit with her and her friend. I think her name was Shiela. The pastor prayed and we split into the womens group and the mens group. We women had a wonderful discussion about uplifiting our children. I really believe that God wanted me to wait until tonight to try this church because it was a message I really needed to hear. When our service was over, we prayed and I had the girls in our smaller group pray for me due to a situation that happened at work today, I have given it to God, so just keep that in prayer and He knows what you are talking to him about. I then picked the girls up and they decided they don't wanna quit going to this church. We will be going on Tuesday and Thursday nights and then the Sunday Service too! The girls are ready to go to bed, so I better go get them settled.

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