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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Riding Miss Maddie

I have been looking for a child carrier of some sort on Freecycle for some time for me to attach to my bicycle when i found one like this (after I posted this link, i found that it is broken. I took a pic and will post it later)and decided to claim it. When Ryan went to pick it up over the weekend, he said a lady was there putting it in her explorer when he pulled up. I e mailed the lady and told her what happened and got "THAT WASN'T YOU?" and when I told her it wasn't I got told "IF THAT WASN'T YOU IT WAS STOLEN TOO BAD MY HUSBAND WASN'T HERE HE IS A COP" and I gave her a description of the vehicle from what Ryan had told me. A couple days later I got an e mail from her saying that it was another freecycler who had looked her up on the internet to find her address and she had gone and taken it, but when she heard what happened, she promptly returned it, so yesterday I went and picked it up. Her husband was really nice and put it in the back of the van for me (we had the seat out so it would fit in). I also stopped by while I was in the neighborhood and registered Kenzie for her new school. Kenzie came out of the school saying "Mommy, I love my new school" and I am so happy for that. Now, fast forward to today...

I dropped Kenzie off to Carol since she wanted to take her to see the movie Up. Maddie and I went grocery shopping and had dinner. Then she came in the bedroom as I was about to blog and said, "Put you soos on Mommy" So, I said, "What?" and she said "I wanna doooo out and wide" and I immediately knew what she was talking about. I had promised her I would take her for a ride in her trailer. I put my tennies on, rolled up my scrub pant legs, and hooked the trailer to the back of Ryan's bike and then buckled her in and closed up the protective netting to protect her from any bugs that might have been out and away we went on a fifteen minute ride. Upon getting home, I got off of the bike and almost lost my footing. It has been like seven or eight years since I have been on a bike, and I have never pulled anyone or anything behind me as I rode, so I felt it. I had a little wheezing (exercise induced asthma), but all in all we did great. She said "Mommy dat funnnn. Lets doooo adin" I told her we would go for short rides every evening until Mommy can go on longer rides. Build up my endurance again. I am so happy that she enjoyed her ride in her new toy! And I enjoyed getting my heart pumping.

I am sitting here blogging as she lays on the couch sleeping, so I better go get some shut eye myself!!!

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  1. Hey! Just wanted to respond to your comment about the fabric softener---

    I didn't have an exact amount of oil. I just put in enough to make it smell nice. Good Luck!