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Monday, June 22, 2009

blogger neglect!

I am so sorry for neglecting the blog. I have been really going crazy this week. Last Tuesday was the last day I blogged, so to try and catch you all up, here goes:

Wednesday, I went to work, they sent me home because I agreed to work another day for them. I then did what I could to help Ryan and Kevin with our brakes. When we did the brakes, we had grinded down to metal! And all of the sounds and vibrations with my car stopped! It's amazing what will happen if you just change your brakes. We then all went to bowling. I had a good time with Andie, Deb, and Nita!

Thursday, I worked. Status quo. Then I skipped back over to ccwc for Thursday evening service. I dropped Maddie off at her class and walked away as she started flipping out. I then walked Kenzie to her class and by the time I got back to the door to the Sanctuary, Maddie had chilled out. I really enjoyed this service and it went right along with what Dave Ramsey taught me.

Friday was my friday off and late in the day, the ac started acting up. We were miserable so Ryan took Kenzie to Roy and Carols and picked up 2 fans for us to use.

Saturday: I woke up to 87 degrees in the house. So I went on in to work and by the time I got home, the ac was working again, although it went out again that night but because we had the fans going it was bearable.

Sunday, I worked and roy came and cleaned out the overflow for the ac, and it is working for now.

Monday I am here blogging and just chilling with the girls. we just had snow cones and are gonna call it a day soon!

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