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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

back to semi normalcy

so, we are officially back to semi normalcy...

sunday we had the birthday bash... see this post for that info...

monday mom stayed in plant city to rest since she had a very long drive on saturday, and then a long day with the party on sunday.

tuesday mom came and had lunch with kenzie at school, then condo/house hunted here in new port richey with ryan until it was time for him to go to work and i picked kenzie up a few minutes early from class so that she could have some extra time with nana. we went to ci ci's pizza for dinner and as we were finishing, our neighbor and his kids came in to the place, and let me tell you five screaming kids makes for a quick exit! between my two and his three, we were outta there in no time. we then showed her where the bealls outlet is on 54 and seven springs, then headed home so I could bake a cake, and she said goodnight and what I thought was goodbye.

today, i was at work doing what i do after delivering a cake (you will see that pic as soon as I find my adapter!) and I call to check on ryan to find that he, carol, mom, aunt ann, and maddie all piled into mom's car and took a little trip to clearwater beach WITHOUT ME! kenzie was at school for her last day, and I was stuck working when they were having the fun! they had a great day, and when I got home from work, I RODE kenzie's SCOOTER to her school to pick her up and shortly after getting back home from school, they got here. I surprised Mom with 2 8 by 10's of Maddie. I had already given her what she thought was going to be the only pics of the trip (kenzie's spring pic) and they said their goodbye's because they are spending tomorrow in Plant City and then heading back north on Friday, but they are planning to come back down around august. maddie was heartbroken saying "nana come back!" and now I am sitting here trying to relax before going to bed...

for future: I had one cake this week... none next week. one the week after and one two weeks from now... then I have 2 baby cakes in July and one birthday cake. I am happy things are picking up. I am hoping I can come up with a Independence Day inspired design for the birthday party cake in July since it has to be a 1/2 sheet cake for work.

oh speaking of the cake, the one i took in today was a 1/4 sheet cake. It was white with pink. It was really cute. and everyone loved it! I like Amanda don't care for cake, but I decorate them. I am just glad everyone else can enjoy them. Hope to find that adapter soon so you can see what I did for the cake!


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