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Saturday, June 28, 2008

a blood test.... a doctor's call... a van door hitting an eye socket...

so, first, ryan was going to my car to get my purse while we were at candy and kevin's to drop off the kids and he got hit by the corner of the van door. he laid on the ground for a minute thinking he was headed to the hospital for a concussion or worse. Cathy looked at him and he is fine. Then after he left, I got a call from Mom. Nana Red had some bloodwork done and they wanted to keep her, she refused. within fifteen minutes the doc was calling her back saying she has leukemia and that if she doesn't go right to the hospital right now she won't make it through monday. really bad day today. please pray for our family right now. this is just a real tough time for all of us. and i am gonna go now. ttyl.

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