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Friday, June 27, 2008

Nick and Bubba are here! :)

So, today I picked Nick and Bubba up for our night with them. So far, the kids have unpacked the toys that we had packed including the xbox. LOL! So, we got out a crate and they have all been good about keeping their toys picked up when they are done with them. Nick and Kenzie went in front of me as I vaccumed, and picked up anything they thought needed picking up like: toys, their shoes, and the paper they were drawing on. Then they would sit down and have me "vaccum" them up LOL! Maddie and Bubba have been really good at playing together today. Ryan has been at work. We shall have an interesting night tonight when it comes to bed time. I know that the boys usually go to bed around 9:30, so I am hoping that when it is their bed time Kenzie will follow suit. Maddie will probably go to bed at her usual 8:00 since she didn't take a nap. We tried, but there was just too much excitement in the house with her cousins being here. I am taking all of the kids and Ryan to Pop's birthday party tomorrow, I will have pictures tomorrow for the blog since I do have my batteries charging. I found the charger right where I had put it! I had looked everywhere except my junk drawer! I put it there so I wouldn't loose it. So, after I had done that I forgot where I had put it. Oh well, I will be back in business. I will have plenty of pics to upload when I get that done because I think I had taken some pics on the camera before the batteries went caput! Anyway, I have to run!

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