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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I knew there was a reason I loved Maxx!

Ok, so Maxx didn't help me, but just the fact that he is married to his wife is enough of a reason to love him. I went to see Cathy today because my asthma has been getting worse. I left the office with 3 scripts and a hurting rear! She put me on 2 different inhalers and a pill (singulair) in addition to the serroid (sp?) injection in the rear. Kenzie went out of the room while she gave me the shot. She said, "Cathy, don't hurt my mommy" such a sweet little girl. So in a couple of weeks I should start feeling better. I have taken a couple of vacation days to allow the new medicine time to start working for me. I will keep you all pdated. Later this afternoon, we are taking the girls outside to play with Andrew on the slip n slide. It should be fun and hopefully I can get lots of pics for you all. Anyway, I am gonna go and I will post more when I am feeling better.

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  1. I take singular too. Ask her about flonase, and spiriva. Feel better sweetie!