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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

He (Chris Birke) has a name now!

Kenzie came up to me this morning and asked me "Mommy, can we go see Megan and Chris tonight at church?" So, I am proud to report that he finally has a name and is no longer "the boy"! She has been too funny about it! She is always talking about wanting to go see Megan (because Megan is her best friend she says) and "the boy". She has now converted and understands that You have a name :-) . So, on to other things, I am working like a dawg on my homework this week. I have 3 papers comming due and all I have to do for two of them is type them. The third one is the BIG one and I have to do a little more research before I can start putting that one together, so it will take another week or so to complete, but it isn't due yet for 2.5 weeks. Ryan has been doing fine. He has been really good about getting up at 4am to bring the girls to me at work (which sucks for the kids having to get up that early, but then they go right back to sleep to allow me a couple of hours of sleep). Maddie has been being a terriffic two year old. She gets into her fair share of mishaps (I will choose that word instead of the t word) but all in all she is a great child. The other day, Ryan said that Kenzie was being mean to Maddie and Maddie took the cordless phone and hit Kenzie in the head with it! He said they both got in trouble and then they were fine. I just think it is crazy that Maddie is taking up for herself because Kenzie at that age didn't do that. I don't approve of Maddie hitting her sister with the phone, but don't get me wrong, Kenzie needs to know her limitations with Maddie. It is a catch 22 I guess. Kenzie is getting excited about moving to Florida. I can't wait either. I can't wait to get out of the Ohio River Valley because it is known for allergens and "THE OHIO VALLEY FUNK" or atleast that is what we call it at work. All right, off to get things done so we can go to CIC tonight. I am hoping that Ryan can just meet us there when he gets off of work. See ya later!

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