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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Kenzie isn't a plumber (for now)

So, many of you know that we have had an ongoing battle with Kenzie's pants, shorts, skirts, and skorts wanting to "fall down" just enough to make her look like a plumber from the rear. So I did what I had thought might work from the beginning. I bought her a size bigger. So instead of buying her a 5 plus, I went with a 6/6x. It did the trick. Her bottoms stay up. They aren't tight on her. The button/snap/zip easily. She doesn't complain because of the fit. Sure many people are out there saying "There's no way she can be wearing a 6/6x because she is only 5" but let me say this, all kids are made different, they develop different, and well, my kid has a broader bone base (like me) and I think that is where the issue of finding the right size for her was at. I just needed to go a little bigger, and now we have cute clothes that fit her. I did go with a M for a top just for comfort because the S was getting a little more snug on her. It also worked out well for her. By the way, she loves her new clothes and flip flops. Maddie is doing well. She is upstairs having a nap right now and that is where I am heading. Have a great day.

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